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Spirit Week 2014 Ten Tips for Writing a Great College Essay Spalding It A

Spirit Week 2014

It’s that time of year again Spalding! Spirit week is approaching us very quickly. This year’s spirit week is sure to entertain all! I talked with Mrs. Bowen about the details of this year’s fun events as well as interviewed some freshman about this upcoming week.   On day one of spirit week, it is […]

Ten Tips for Writing a Great College Essay

Many students can fell confused and overwhelmed when trying to write essays for their college applications. Here’s a list of the top ten tips for writing these essays, recommended by several college admission books and admission directors:   Give yourself plenty of time to write your essays, you want to have an opportunity to edit […]

Spalding’s Facelift

In a little over six years, many parts of Spalding will be nearly unrecognizable. There are currently plans for a massive remodeling of several of the oldest parts of the building. The master plan for the renovation encompasses four phases; the first focuses on the auditorium, the second on the music wing, the third on […]

It’s Never Too Late to Start “Game of Thrones”

We have all heard of that one show on HBO. George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, also known as Game of Thrones, is a series of novels that have recently been turned into the hit television show of the same name. However, if you haven’t read one of the books or […]

A “Grande” Debut

Ariana Grande is a singer/songwriter with an astonishing amount of accomplishments on her resume for a 20-year-old. She first appeared in the entertainment industry at the age of fifteen when she played the role of Charlotte in the Broadway musical  “Thirteen.” After starring in the musical she auditioned for the Nickelodeon show “Victorious” as Cat […]

Texting and Driving – The Silent Killer

17 August 2014

One issue facing many teens on the road today is the urge to answer texts and phone calls while on the road, a temptation that can have deadly consequences. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in young adults, higher than murder and medical causes. Many of these car accidents are a […]

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Comic Strip: Romeo and Juliet

17 August 2014

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Comic Strip: Catcher in the Rye

17 August 2014

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Comic Strip: Frankenstein

12 October 2013

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Photography Club

12 March 2013

If you are friends with a camera and take a picture of everything in sight, photography is the right club to join. Every 2 weeks the club joins to share what pictures they have taken of the subject that was assigned during the previous meeting. They either send it in through Haiku or bring them […]

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The Spalding Spirit

The Spalding Spirit is a newspaper published for Spalding students, by Spalding students, that covers everything from Cavalier sports to National news. The newspaper is run and contributed to by the students in Spalding’s Newspaper Club, along with students from Mrs. Mullin’s Journalism class. This is the first year of Spalding Spirit’s online format, and we’re hoping to make it a successful, growing chapter in the paper’s history.